What’s On

    We have a number of groups that happen throughout the week.

    The groups are listed below:

    Youth Worship

    It’s always inspiring to see just how much talent there is in our young people.  One place where this can be grown and stretched is at Youth Worship.  Read more»

    cells (S4 – S6) Balerno

    Is that like… jail or something??? No! We meet @ 10.30 in the concourse at Balerno high school where we worship in the service for the first 20 minutes before going to our individual cell groups. Read more»

    RS2 (S1 – S3) Balerno


    It’s time to get up, and out the door to come down to RS2.  If you’re in S1 to S3 this is the only place to be on a Sunday morning.  It’s time to meet up have a great laugh and learn about this amazing God who made you, loves you and wants to hang out with you…..He can even talk to you while you’re there can it get any more awesome???? Read more»

    The Living Room (S1 – S6)

    At the Ministry Centre we run a cafe-bar… picture sofas, open mic area, coffee bar, hot drinks, pool table and more funky lighting. It’s a space to just chill out and chat with your mates in a relaxing environment.  Artists among you will be encouraged to do acoustic sets or just pick up their instruments and have a sesh together. Read more»

    The Loft (S1 – S6)

    At the church building we have opened up the two back rooms into our pool room and chill zone… picture funky lights, music, cushions, pool table or table football and you’ve got a place to hang out and relax. We’ll still have our activity options between 8.00 – 9.00pm (football, craft, baking, one-off workshops etc) but you’ll also have the option to just hang out in the back rooms doing your own thing, play the wii or dip in and out of the group games in the sanctuary. Read more»

    Youth (S1-S4) Livingston

    A group for all those in S1-S4 to come together to chat, meet up with you leaders and to discuss the material / subject for the morning.

    Meet in the Atrium at 10.30am at St Margaret’s Academy.


    Open House (S1-S6)

    Invitation to all youth leaders and youth to join us at the Church Building, Balerno from 6pm to 7.30pm on non-house group Tuesdays for soup and bread.


    Powerpoint Edinburgh is a Christian youth event supported by local churches in Edinburgh, Scripture Union Scotland and Alpha Scotland, and is open to secondary school aged young people from all backgrounds. Read more»


    We run a variety of courses in St Mungo’s Youth, some of these are outlined below:

    The Search for Significance (S4-S6)

    Performance, popularity and the packaged self – how much do we all clamber for these?  Come and discover where our desire for significance can really be met.

    The Me I want to be >> becoming the best version of you (S4-S6)

    There is a God (it isn’t you) Your life is a project (it isn’t yours) The real you is waiting (it isn’t hard)

    Underneath the ‘me’ you pretend to be (the one that acts cool while fearing you’re not) and the ‘me’ you fail to be (the one that doesn’t always get excited about life) you will discover something remarkable…come and find out what it its!!! Read more»