Picture of the Week

cells (S4 – S6) Balerno

Is that like… jail or something??? No! We meet @ 10.30 in the concourse at Balerno high school where we worship in the service for the first 20 minutes before going to our individual cell groups.

We start off by having refreshments together and then most weeks we go into our small groups to talk about that week’s topic.  These groups are a great place to ask tough questions, learn and laugh together as we help each other to know God more.  The groups are confidential so you can be honest with each other!

On other weeks, we have our Group Teaching morning.  After refreshments we listen to a live talk or watch a teaching DVD about the topic for the day.  After which, we then go into our small groups to discuss and explore what we’ve just listened to.

At the end of the cell group/group teaching morning we have a prayer time where we pray about anything but often what we have learned about that day!