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Psalm 51:12

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.

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    Welcome to St Mungo's Youth

    St Mungo’s Youth are the 11-18 year olds at St Mungo’s, and this is our website… Welcome!

    There’s about 100 of us and we’re anything but boring!  We go on trips and have weekly youth clubs to have fun and meet new people. We have weekly discipleship groups where we build on our friendships and learn and experience more of our relationships with God, and we take our faith into our local community through serving projects.  We also have opportunities to stretch ourselves through young leaders and youth worship which meet monthly.

    Why not have a look through our website to see what’s happening now?  We hope to see you sometime soon!

    Latest News

    What’s happening this week…..

    Silly faceUsual stuff happening this week in the world of Youth (unless you are on holiday in West Lothian!):

    Friday night is nrg and nbt with another exciting programme for the term and lots of fun crafts.

    Sunday morning is RS2 and Cell, 10.30am in the concourse at Balerno High School.

    And for those in S5 and S6, SMYLe is on, straight after cell groups at the Church Building, Ladycroft.

    Have a good week!

    Don’t forget….

    Clocks change this weekend….you gain an extra hour of sleep – brilliant!!!

    So don’t forget to put your clocks / watches back 1 hour on Saturday night.

    SMYLe this Sunday (26th October)

    SMYLe_Oct 14SMYLe is on this Sunday for all those in S5 and S6.

    The theme for the afternoon is Dream a little dream…..

    Helen Walton would love to know who is attending, meet after cell group at the Church Building, Ladycroft for lunch and then lots of discussion, chat and so much more.

    Reply to Helen Walton by text / email / facebook to let her know you are going.

    Youth Worship (Band Practice) – Tuesday 28th October

    Youth Worship is on Tuesday 28th October and it’s band practice for envision on Sunday 2nd November.

    Please do try and make it if you are in the band for envision – let Dave Crow know via the youth worship Facebook page if you can make it or not.

    7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Church Building, Ladycroft.


    Bible in one year

    SS Bible in a Year_2This is the App for the New Testament in a Year if your interested in keep up with the blogs and videos..I found taday’s really helpful, might watch some others!!


    Did you know that our talks are recorded??

    ConnectYou can listen to some of our fantastic youth leaders speaking at various events – and we have 4 new talks on the website, so much choice and gifted speakers.

    You can listen to 3 of the talks from Lendrick Muir or Sunday’s fab talk at envision – go on, listen to wise, sound leaders, you will learn so much!